Student Success Center of Excellence 

Our Student Success Centre of Excellence works directly with: 

School Counsellors 

by providing them with the comprehensive training and resources necessary to set up a mature guidance practice.  We work hand-in-hand with our partner school counsellors to ensure they have everything they need to help their students reach their academic goals.  


by providing them with career/life planning programming, as well as a multitude of detailed resources, and interactive lessons that teach students how to utilize resources so to empower them to make informed decisions about their future. 

School Administrators

by coaching them on methods to establish holistic student success services, to continuously monitor student progress on academics and personal development, and how to communicate this progress to parents. 


by collaborating with them to host counselling events at partner campuses or through new media. This allows us to bring first-hand information straight to partner campuses. Students can speak personally with knowledgeable representatives from post-secondary institutions.




Rosedale helps our international community of partners to continuously improve and evolve to provide the very best for their students.




Academic Advisory Service 


Rosedale and partner school counsellors help students to define their academic route and to create a skill development plan that ensures that they are always on the right track to their targeted post-secondary programs and career goals. Rosedale also supports individualized learning plans for students who require special accommodations to reach their full potential. 
















Designing your future 


This essential student success course guides students to examine post-secondary options based on their skills, interests, and personal motivations. Students will explore the realities and opportunities of the workplace and examine factors that affect their success in different careers. Through the course, students will learn how to focus on their desired path and develop an action plan towards future success. 





Career guidance  


Through the use of the state-of-the-art online program, MyBlueprint, students will complete a series of personal assessments, which will then link them to compatible career options. MyBlueprint contains over 500+ career profiles for students to explore, with up-to-date labour market data to help students analyze all aspects of each career and define their own career goals




Individual Growth Plan


The Individual Growth Plan (IGP) is a signature student success service of Rosedale. Guided by interactive activities, it helps students develop a plan that outlines what career and academic goals they want to accomplish and what steps they can take to meet those goals. It is a tool that counsellors and administrators can use to identify, organize and plan a student’s education and skill development activities, assess their academic progress, and to aid communication with students and parents. 




University Counselling  


Rosedale provides local guidance counsellors and students with in-depth resources about all varieties of post-secondary choices. Rosedale’s University Catalogue is updated yearly, and aids in decision making by detailing all aspects of the application. In addition to supporting partner counsellors, the Rosedale Guidance Team also offers personalized expert counselling service to students. 




Rosedale's Transition Program 


This program prepares students for a successful transition into their post-secondary lives. It teaches students useful life skills such as: knowing your resources, adapting to new environments, managing freedom, and responsibilities, dealing with stress, working on academic challenges, making friends across cultures, and preparing for the job search.


Share Our Stories

I was able to shape my dream with the help of my IGP counsellor and all my teachers.



“I was always dreaming of a life as a designer but no one thought I could realize this until I joined Rosedale. In the Rosedale program, I was able to shape my dream with the help of my IGP counselor and all my teachers. They encouraged me to think big and showed great interest in my ideas. I got to know exactly what was required for my dream and what I needed to do to get there. I worked really hard during my one year at Rosedale because I learned that only I could make it come true. Now I am studying in the Creative Industries Program at Ryerson University in Toronto. This is my dream program because it provides me with an excellent platform to realize my creative and crazy ideas. To learn more about fashion, I am also working part-time as a print model during the holidays. I have a very busy schedule but I now have a clear vision for my future.”

- Caroline, 2015 Rosedale Graduate

   Currently pursuing Creative Industries at Ryerson  University