Rosedale curriculum places great emphasis on developing higher order thinking skills and academic learning skills, meanwhile ensuring that all content is taught through a global context. This rich and diverse learning approach facilitates students’ individualized learning needs and styles. 





— Foundation of Differentiated Education


Rosedale curriculum is built upon the internationally acclaimed Ontario Secondary School Diploma curriculum, which provides a strong foundation and systematic support to Rosedale’s differentiated Global High School Program.






Foundation of Instructional Excellence 


The quality of the curriculum is the foundation of Rosedale’s ability to deliver academic rigor and instructional excellence at scale. Teachers are provided with multiple resources to springboard their instruction. For instance, detailed lesson plans are provided with varied instructional strategies for teachers to adapt to their various contexts. 

Rosedale also provides differentiated resources at various different levels for teachers to adapt to the students’ learning styles and abilities. Extension and group activities are also provided to enhance the blended learning model, combining individualized instruction with opportunities to collaborate and build social and interpersonal skills in classrooms. Each students’ success is a success for Rosedale Academy.




Rosedale Learning Platform






Multi-media content 

Using multi-media to enhance learning processes

New multimedia features and an eye-catching redesign that are relevant to today’s youth and will engage them in learning core concepts. 




Interactive activities 

Increased interaction so students learn by doing

An increased opportunity for interactivity and engagement with course content throughout the courses. For example, students may be asked to review unit content and practice for the unit test through an engaging game of Jeopardy. 








Assessment & Feedback  

Authentic assessments designed to enhance learning skills

We have enhanced the number of opportunities that students have to check their own comprehension beyond graded tests. Authentic assessments and thought-provoking activities reduce pressure on students and build confidence in their learning.




Global Learning Community 

Students interact with peers around the world

Many real-world and well-known examples from the field have been incorporated throughout the classes to help bridge theoretical concepts and practice, and to give students opportunities to apply their knowledge. Discussion boards are open so students can interact with peers from around the world.








Teacher Instructional Resources

Resources and lesson plans build a strong foundation for teachers

Teachers are provided with instructional materials such as lesson plans, group activities, and differentiated resources for each lesson as a foundation for them to build from and to enhance student learning.




Learning Management Functions 

Track students’ progress and ensure supports for success

Learning Management tools are provided to teachers and campus administrators to track students’ progress and support their success.





Hear from our teacher

The Moodle courses are designed to be both engaging and interesting for students, and effective and easy to use for teachers. The differentiated resources feature is exceptionally helpful.

"One of the main appeals of teaching with Rosedale Academy is the fact that the course curriculum is provided for you. The Moodle courses are designed to be both engaging and interesting for students, and effective and easy to use for teachers. The differentiated resources feature is exceptionally helpful. There are tons of different videos, links and other resources that both contextualize and supplement the lessons. Also embedded in the lessons are optional campus activities. These activities are not only advantageous in advancing the students’ comprehension of the content, but they also help foster a positive learning environment

The premade lesson plans are another indispensable organizational tool. Each plan offers a clear breakdown of how much time you should allow for each lesson or activity. This comes in super handy when you find yourself having to adapt your plan to accommodate differing students’ needs, and you need help gauging if you have time to get through a certain activity. 

The plans also include a brief explanation of the purpose of each lesson element, so if you do find yourself needing to cut certain activities, you can be sure that you will still cover each learning goal sufficiently. Every plan also notes exactly what materials you will need each class, so you never find yourself stranded without a certain resource. Scrambling at the front of the class to find a set of markers is an experience you most definitely want to avoid, trust me."

- Dayton Gardiner, Teacher, 2018 Class, Puxin Shanghai Campus