Our Challenges

We are in the midst of a transformational era in education


One of the greatest structural adjustments in this century is the shift from industrialization to globalization. Technology is reshaping how we work and fundamentally redefining what it means to have a career, forcing us to rethink how education will prepare our students for this fast-changing world.  

Creativity, global perspectives and teamwork are not the main focuses of traditional schools, but critical in the current and future economy. Schools need to enhance curriculum and train their teachers to focus on the skills to solve problems, think critically, and find ways to collaborate at a local and global level. However, many institutions may not have the resources, expertise, and network to meet the evolving educational need. 



Our Goals

Mission-driven people


The Rosedale team is passionate about empowering and working alongside our global partner institutions to deliver world-class academic programs without geographic boundaries. Together we share a vision to transform education and deliver life-changing learning outcomes to students around the world. 

This purpose-driven mission and student-focused culture, combined with our international education network, are what sets our model apart from others. It is what makes us more than just a high school or an education solution provider. 

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Our Partners

Empower world-class 21st-century learning 


Current Rosedale program partners include international schools, public and private schools, universities, and large publicly traded education enterprises. We work with all forms of educational institutions from Canada to Asia, South America, and Africa

We empower our international partners to showcase their local expertise in teaching and learning, while Rosedale Academy delivers a range of robust and customizable curriculum options, comprehensive teacher training and resources, and individualized guidance services to ensure students reach their highest potential and open new doors to their future.   

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Rosedale works with each partner to create differentiated programming, which enhances academic offerings, teaching quality, and strengthens our partner institutions to excel in the modern era of education. 


Our Curriculum

Interactive, multi-media curriculum that engages students 


Rosedale’s digital learning platform features multi-media content, interactive learning activities, diverse assessments, and school-level learning management functions, bringing traditional classrooms into the digital era. 

Rosedale’s curriculum is built upon the internationally acclaimed Ontario Secondary School Diploma curriculum. Our curriculum places great emphasis on developing higher order thinking skills and academic learning skills, meanwhile ensuring that all content is taught through a global context. This rich and diverse learning approach facilitates students’ individualized learning needs and styles. The quality of the curriculum is the foundation of Rosedale’s ability to deliver academic rigor and instructional excellence at scale

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Our Network

Strategic alliances with higher education 


Rosedale’s global delivery model and collaborative approach provide our university partners with a perfect solution to attract diverse, academically and culturally prepared international students as candidates of future global leaders. 

We have formed strategic alliances with renowned educational institutions in the areas of curriculum development, joint academic program delivery, international marketing, co-recruitment and more. Therefore, with our collective resources, we can better support our program partners to offer a truly global learning experience and set our students on the path to success in higher education and beyond.  



Our Outcomes

One shared goal


Rosedale programs emphasize academic rigour and student success, supported by an innovative model and systematic implementation. The positive outcomes are obvious for partner institutions, teachers, and students: enhanced teaching and learning experiences, improved essential skill development, increased university acceptances, broader global reach, and most importantly, the increase in motivation and confidence demonstrated by all Rosedale graduates.
The clear alignment of interest among students, program partners, university strategic partners, and Rosedale is what makes our purpose-driven model powerful. By coming together with one shared goal – making world-class education accessible to more students around the globe – we are transforming the future of education for the better.